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Let's talk about materials

Let's talk about materials

What is Stainless Steel Jewelry?

We love stainless steel in our jewelry and we would like to share why.


The first is that it is resilient and durable due to the nature of material.

The other thing is the color. Whether you plate them on polished or not, the silver color looks fantastic! 

As for gold  & rose gold colors, we use the actual gold ( not imitation gold☝️) to plate our jewelry! and you know how they look 😍 💎✨ 


They are also water proof / water resistant and tarnish free. 


 You can even play sports, go for a swim and like without having to worry about it tarnishing. To polish it back, you only need water with mild soap and a soft cloth and then polish it clean. 


Stainless steel that we use is 316L and it contains 2-3 percent of molybdenum. It add an extra layer of corrosion resistance. 


It is also favored by many people who is allergic to jewelry. There is minimal risk of causing an allergic reaction with our stainless steel jewelries. 


Now, take a look our Water Resistant Collection and take advantage of it.

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